Grilled Swordfish

Ok…I am a fake. This grilled swordfish recipe from Reel Flavor looked so amazing, but I didn’t have any swordfish just laying around. I don’t even know where you get swordfish. Can you just get from the regular grocery store? I suppose I could have gone to my local Central Market…


In any case, I did have some mahi mahi fillets stocked in the freezer and I figured those would do the trick. It actually may have been tuna, judging by the pictures. Haha. The flavour of this was delicious! It was great to have a quick seasoning, plus the marinade. And continuing to marinade while cooking is sometimes essential, especially in this case!


So simple and delicious – you could grill this tonight!


Grilled Swordfish (or Mahi Mahi, Tuna, etc…)

serves 4

-4 swordfish fillets
-1/2cu white wine
-1/4cu peanut butter
-1/4cu olive oil
-3 cloves garlic
-1/2tsp black pepper
-1tbsp blackening seasoning
-1tbsp paprika
-1tsp white pepper
-1tbsp sesame seeds
-2tbsp lemon juice
-Salt to taste
-Seasoning for swordfish: salt, white pepper & garlic powder

-Heat up grill
-Mix all ingredients in a bowl and season the swordfish fillets
-Lightly sear both sides of fillets on grill (no more than 1 minute per side)
-Dip the fillets in the marinade thoroughly coating both sides, and place back on the grill
-Grill 5 to 6 minutes on each side
-Brush on the excess marinade as you cook


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