Thai Chicken Bites

A little over a week ago, we had my good friend Spencer over for dinner and to watch The Hunger Games (well, part of it). We are gearing up to watch Mockingjay Part One this weekend – I am so freakishly excited!  It was also this same friend that got me into the books in the first place, as he had sent me the boxed set for my birthday several years ago, so I felt obligated to read them, and then instantly fell in love.  So thank you, Spencer! =)

These Thai Chicken Bites by Lauren’s Latest are SO. FREAKING. AMAZING. Seriously. This might be one of the best recipes ever. It is also mostly gluten-free (or can easily be made gluten-free), so if you have food allergies, or plan to have company that does, then this is a great recipe for that, too!

The only downside is that this takes forever to make. Cutting 3 large chicken breasts into bite size pieces is fairly simple – however double-dredging each and every little piece took about 20+ minutes on its own, since I had to dredge them individually (I tried to dredge several pieces at once but that didn’t work out). Not to mention, I kept having to add more dry ingredients, then watch (and flip) what was already in the wok, etc. Despite that, it was still well worth it in the end – and my husband and good friend can both attest to that as well!

Thai Chicken Bites

serves 4

-3 large chicken breast, boneless and skinless
-1cu all purpose flour (I used GF flour, and had to use way more)
-1/2tsp garlic powder (I added more, as I added more flour)
-salt and pepper, to taste
-2 eggs
-4tbsp milk (add more milk and egg if you start to run out)
-canola or peanut oil for frying
-1/3cu sweet chili sauce
-carrots & cilantro, for garnish

-Cut chicken into bite sized pieces and set aside.
-Preheat oil in a large skillet or wok (I used my wok!)
-In a shallow dish, stir together flour, garlic powder, salt and pepper. In another shallow dish, whisk egg, milk, salt and pepper together. Toss chicken pieces into dry mixture first, then into the egg mixture and back to the dry.
-Place chicken pieces into hot oil and fry until golden brown on each side. (About 3-4 minutes per side.) Remove and drain on paper towels.
-Transfer to a large bowl and toss with sweet chili sauce, then top with carrots and cilantro.


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