Bacon and Barbecue Chicken Pizza

We are quickly heading into the season of chilly weather, overcast nights, rainy days…oh wait…the last part is probably more specific to my area, the Pacific Northwest!  So. much. rain.  But it’s what keeps everything so green and beautiful, which makes it hard to complain!

I have discovered that it is almost impossible to find pizza dough around here.  Trader Joe’s seems to be the only store around here that carries it – whereas when I lived in upstate New York, it was a staple at even the trashiest of grocery stores!  Silly west coasters…(yes I know, I am a West Coast girl myself).  In any case, thankfully TJ’s *does* carry it, because it would have been devastating if I had been unable to make this bacon and barbecue chicken pizza by Baked by Rachel.  Seriously, friends – so good! 

It also doubles as the perfect cold night comfort food, Italian/American fusion style.  I don’t even know what that means, but hopefully it made sense!  Regardless: please make this pizza.  If you feel turned off by the possible calorie content, schedule a run afterward.  Do what ya gotta do, but DO make this pizza! =)

Bacon and Barbecue Chicken Pizza

serves 3-4

-1 ball of pizza dough (I used whole wheat – you can also look at the original blog’s homemade dough recipe)
-1/2cu bacon
-1 chicken breast
-2/3cu barbecue sauce, divided
-4oz mozzarrella cheese

-Cook bacon on medium heat until desired crispness (or follow package instructions), then set aside on a cutting board.
-Reduce heat to med-low and cook chicken until cooked through and no longer pink (I found that it helped to cut the chicken breast into chunks, to cook a bit faster – or you can use another chicken-cooking method, if you desire)
-Shred chicken and toss with 1/3cu barbecue sauce. Also chop the bacon at this time.
-Preheat oven to 425 F.
-Lightly grease a sheet pan or prepare a pizza stone and shape the dough to fit (my dough always comes out being oddly-shaped, no matter how well I try to roll it – oh well!). Spread remaining barbecue sauce as your base sauce, scatter the chicken evenly, and then top with mozzarrella and crumbled bacon.
-Bake for about 10-15mins, or until desired done-ness, slice, and serve immediately!


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