Aidells Chicken Sausages

My husband and I have been making a monthly (or 3-weekly) trip to Costco on Sundays lately, as our church is just down the street from one of the local Costcos.  We love going after church on Sundays because there are so many FREE SAMPLES out around that time!  And if we can’t get our fill of free samples, then we buy a super cheap lunch in the food court (all-beef or polish dog + fountain pop for $1.50? Sold.  Also, their pizza – yum).

On one particular Sunday, there was an amazing (read: AMAZING) demo on Aidells smoked chicken sausages.  They had a tent out and were giving away samples of about 6 different flavours.  Um.  Let’s say I tried each flavour.  About 5 times.  I am not ashamed.  In my defense (calorie-wise), the amount probably only totaled one and a half sausages.

We ended up purchasing the pineapple and bacon flavour, which was amazing.  I do not like pineapple (but my husband does), but it creates a nice sweet flavour, which is complemented by the bacon, which is complemented by the smoked chicken.  Win-win.

The second time we purchased the sausages, we tried the chicken and apple flavour.  Really, it should just be called the apple flavour, because the sausage is already chicken, haha, but oh well, who’s counting?  This one includes bits of Washington State apples, which also gives a nice flair.

The pricing for these amazing sausages depends on where you buy them.  If you buy them from the website I linked to, it is about $8 for 4 sausages, and I believe that is comparable to most grocery stores (the website has a store locator to see where to purchase the many, many flavours and varieties).  If you buy them from Costco, however, they are about $12 for 15 sausages (for the budget-savvy folks, that is about $0.80/sausage), but something to note is that not every flavour or variety is available in store.

In addition to the amazing price (at Costco at least) is that these are super easy and versatile!  The website gives some recipe suggestions, as well.  For my husband and I, they grill up in about 5-10 minutes total, and we either eat them bun-less or eat hot dog style, with sides of veggies, salad, potatoes, etc. 

Let me know which flavours you have tried, want to try, and what your favourite one is!


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