Lots of yummy food

This is what I call a “cop out” post.  I was on a decent posting streak, then stopped for a bit again.  Today I am not posting a recipe (too busy and too lazy for that…though I know those two statements contradict themselves).  So instead, I will post some pictures of some yummy dishes I’ve eaten lately that I didn’t cook!

My mother-in-law’s spaghetti.  YUM.  She has made it for us before, but I liked it the best this time.  She made it while she was staying with us for a week, and we even had leftovers in the fridge and freezer.  They’re long gone now. 😉  I think she thinned out the tomatoes a bit more than in the past, so it was not chunky (which I hate, haha).  SO GOOD.  And don’t even get me started on the meatballs…

My mama’s homemade chili.  She had us over for dinner while my mother-in-law was in town, and made this, at my request.  Her chili is fantastic.  Her split pea soup is even better, but my husband is weird and doesn’t like peas.  Also, homemade split pea soup (ham hock and all) is a bit more work.

Side note: Because I’m just “that person,” I looked up the origins of chili and got some really good information from wikipedia.  I know there are far more reputable resources than wikipedia, but hey, it works in a pinch! 😉


Steak!  I am typically not a steak fan, but also while my mother-in-law was in town, she bought us steak to grill.  We didn’t have time to marinade it or do anything really fancy, so we grabbed our McCormick Grill Mates Montreal Steak Seasoning from the spice cabinet and sprinkled both sides of each steak with it.  I have to admit that I like McCormick Grill Mates Barbecue Seasoning better (I’ve only used it once, on chicken, but it literally tasted like the chicken was covered in barbecue sauce).  Despite that, the Montreal Steak Seasoning worked wonderfully and it took no time at all! Also, we have 3-4 steaks left in our freezer to cook (bulk sales are my BFF).

What have you been cooking lately?  I’d love to know!


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