Chicken Divan

I don’t think I have shared any Mother’s Day pictures yet with you!  For my mama’s special day, we went to the Bellevue Botanical Gardens and wandered around.  As you can see by the photos, it was a beautiful day! 



That was also the day that I decided to start a vegetable garden, and you can see my guys growing!  The romaine and spinach were “starts” and the collard greens and green onion are from seeds.  My mother also gave me a spare garlic plant!  I can’t wait to pick salads!

Now onto this classically fancy meal, chicken divan.  I don’t have an original recipe to link to, because it is a recipe that my Auntie Trudy emailed to my mom, which I think she developed herself, perhaps based on past recipes.  It is a great go-to recipe for a dinner party or other large group.  It is so simple to throw together and feels so fancy to eat!  I helped my mom make this for a surprise Ladies Lunch that my mom hosted for a friend of hers.

I apologize that it doesn’t photograph particularly well…especially the final product.  It looks kind of like a goopy mess, but I promise you, it’s…divan! 😉 …clever, I know.

Personally, I am not a broccoli fan, and I think my mom forgot about this, as she made two pans, one with mushrooms and one without, but kept the broccoli in both.  I politely picked around the broccoli (and choked down a few small pieces), but you can easily adapt this to fit your own tastes, or the tastes of those you are cooking for.

Best part: you can prepare this ahead of time and freeze or refrigerate, and then pop right into the oven 1-2 hours before company comes!

Chicken Divan

serves 6

-2 ten-oz bags of broccoli
-2 cans cream of chicken soup
-4 chicken breasts (or more if you’d like!)
-1cu mayo
-1tsp lemon juice
-1tsp curry powder (or more, if you’d like!)
-1cu shredded cheese (again, it’s more than ok to be generous with the cheese, too)
-1cu bread crumbs
-2tbsp butter

-Preheat oven to 350 degrees.
-Cook broccoli according to package instructions, and pre-cook chicken as well (any method will work…crock pot or oven are the easiest), and then cut the chicken into cubes.
-Use a deep baking dish and place the cooked broccoli on the bottom, then layer cooked chicken on top.
-In a separate bowl, combine the soup, mayo, lemon juice, and curry powder, mixing it well. Pour the mixture over the broccoli and chicken. Sprinkle with cheese.
-Combine the bread crumbs with butter, mixing with a fork, and sprinkle over the top.
-Bake for 30 minutes.
-NOTE: If you make this ahead of time and freeze it, omit the first and last steps. If frozen, let it thaw for a bit first, then bake for about an hour (may be longer, depending on your oven).


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