Light Sloppy Joes

Mmm sloppy joes.  It is really not a secret that I am having a love affair with sloppy joes!  I feel like I make them all the time.  I actually watched part of It Takes Two on YouTube recently, which is what I always think of when I think of sloppy joes.  It’s kind of strange, I know.  And yes, I realize the movie is ridiculous, and even more ridiculous for me to watch at my age, but whatever. 😉


This light sloppy joes recipe comes from The Country Contessa.  I’m not sure what makes it so “light,” as it seems fairly comparable to the other sloppy joes recipes I’ve made, but it was still good, and hit the spot!  There is nothing that stood out about this recipe, but it was yummy and that is what counts.  Also, it’s simple.  Fast dinner night?  Look no further.

Also, the fries you can see in the picture…well that recipe is lost forever.  I deleted it from Pinterest by accident, couldn’t find it in my web search history, and it’s no use googling it – as there are thousands of french fries recipes online.  I don’t think they were that memorable anyway.image

Light Sloppy Joes

serves 4

-1lb lean ground beef chuck, turkey or pork
-1/3cu brown sugar
-1tbsp chili powder
-1/2cu ketchup
-3/4cu water
-2tbsp all purpose flour

-In a skillet brown the turkey, pork or beef until no more pink remains. Drain well.
-Add the brown sugar, chili powder and ketchup and stir to combine.
-Mix the flour into the water in a small bowl and mix to remove any lumps.
-Add to the meat mixture and stir until it bubbles and thickens, for about five minutes.
-Assemble on buns and eat!


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