Chicken Parmesan Heroes

Two days ago, I hosted my first Pampered Chef Cooking Party!  It was so fun to get together with friends (including friends of my husband), chat, hang out, and EAT!  Even though I didn’t officially make the recipes myself, I will definitely be posting them in a later blog post.  The party was themed “appetizers and beyond” and they were so tasty…despite a few snafus, that is (which I’ll blog about).  But still tasty, and I’d recommend them to anyone!  My Pampered Chef consultant also left me with the spring/summer cookbook/magazine, which features a few recipes that I am so excited to try out for dinner, and then post on this blog, also.  As a side note, my husband made an apple rhubarb crisp last night, that he will be Guest Posting soon on this blog – so be on the lookout for that!


Onto the featured dish of the day, chicken parm heroes from Homemade Cravings is a yummy success!  It is more of a guideline than a recipe, though I will still post a recipe below.  Basically, take chicken, mozzarella cheese, parmesan cheese, spaghetti sauce, and Italian bread…and eat.  Simple as that.  Though I must admit that I had Italian bread leftover in the freezer, so it kind of…fell apart.  But that did not detract from the deliciousness of it all.


Since we were eating the chicken on bread, I decided to forego the pasta (stupid “eating healthy” thing! hehe), and paired it with just a simple salad instead.  It was such a filling dinner, and a nice change of pace from traditional chicken parm!

Oh…and I might have used sliced mozzarella string cheese for the topping, after I realized we didn’t have any shredded mozzarella. 😉


Chicken Parmesan Heroes

serves 2

-2 chicken breast cutlets
-1/2cu tomato sauce
-1/2cu mozzarella cheese and parmesan cheese
-4 slices of Italian bread

-Cook or reheat chicken cutlets (if reheating, just a few minutes until hot, if cooking, I’d recommend baking for about 30mins at 400 degrees).
-Place each cutlet between Italian bread slices.
-Top cutlet with a few spoonfuls of sauce, sprinkle on the cheese, and cover with bread.
-Heat in the oven for a few minutes, until cheese is melted and bread is toasted.


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