Pan-Fried Halibut, Lemon Butter, and Dandelion Greens

The Lenten season of the church calendar is in full swing, and even if you’re not a church-goer, you have probably seen the abundance of “Lenten” fish recipes all over facebook.  I don’t go meatless for church holidays, but I know and respect that other people do.  It just so happens that I stocked up on 3 lbs of tilapia fillets the other week because they were on sale, which is good timing!


This halibut and dandelion greens recipe comes from The Bite House, which is a blog I’ve recently discovered and love.  It is east coast, high-class, minimal ingredient cooking at its finest.  A recipe with only 5 ingredients?  I’m sold!  The presentation of this dish is just delightful too – makes you feel like you’re sitting in a fancy restaurant instead of just your own kitchen.  I know my pictures do not do justice to this dish (check out The Bite House’s blog if you want to see classy pix!).


I must admit, though, that I used tilapia and not halibut.  I guess that was obvious when I said I stocked up on tilapia fillets.  Halibut is pretty much my favourite fish of all time, but it is also expensive.  Tilapia is similar, still tasty, still a white fish, and much less expensive.  I feel that any white fish can be substituted, but feel free to splurge on the real deal, too!


I paired the dish with a side of leftover whole wheat spaghetti noodles, drizzled with a bit of the leftover butter and a sprinkle of garlic powder.  Yum.

Some of you may see that the recipe calls for 3 tablespoons of butter.  That is a lot of butter.  That is a lot of calories.  Yes and yes.  But it is SO WORTH IT, so please don’t skimp!  I always use real unsalted butter (leftover from my In Defense of Food reading days) instead of margarine or other types that are lower in calories but have a mile-long ingredient list.  I have thought about converting, but haven’t brought myself to do it yet.


Regardless of how much butter, even with the pasta, my dinner totaled 426 calories. =)

Now…dandelion greens…my husband went to 3 stores before he finally found them (which is odd, cuz I’ve seen them before, but of course when you’re looking for them, they’re nowhere to be found).  Dandelion greens are a very bitter leafy green.  I find them to be similar to collard greens, which I’m not a fan of (raw, at least).  The flavours of the fish, from the lemon and butter, definitely helped ease the bitterness, but…it was very, very bitter.  If you are not a fan of bitter leafy greens, I’d suggest substituting another “fancy” lettuce, such as baby spinach or arugula.


This dish is ready in a flash (literally, less than 10 minutes, including prep time and cook time).  And it was just so pretty.  And classy.  I’m sold!


Pan-Fried Halibut, Lemon Butter, and Dandelion Greens

serves 2

-2 slices halibut (or any other white fish…mine were 4oz/ea, but a common size is 6oz)
-2 handfuls dandelion greens
-3tbsp butter
-juice of half a lemon
-salt + black pepper

-Heat the butter in a pan until it sizzles.
-Add the halibut and cook 2-3 minutes on the first side, then 1 minute on the other. Season with salt and pepper.
-Remove from the heat and squeeze in the lemon juice.
-Serve the fish on the greens and drizzle the leftover butter from the pan on top.


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