Product Review: Peter and Pat’s Pierogies

I was recently at Costco with my mom and I got sucked in by the demo ladies.  This is not a surprise.  I think part of why people go to Costco is BECAUSE OF the demo ladies.  Amiright????  Anyway.  There was a demo for the four varieties of Peter and Pat’s Pierogies and I ate bites of all four.  Then more bites.  Then more bites.  Then I left.  And came back.  And decided to buy a bag.  Which means I needed more bites.  In my defense, they had cut each small pierogi into about 4-5 pieces, so it’s not like I consumed *that* much.


I ended up getting potato and onion, but they also have: potato and cheddar, potato and spinach, and potato, jalapeno and cheddar.  Let me tell you, it was very, very hard to make up my mind.

I have never made pierogi at home before, and I am sure they taste better than store bought, yadda yadda yadda, but who cares?  If it’s good, it’s good.  Also, after making them for the first time last week, I turned to my trusted friend, Wikipedia, and learned that pierogi is the plural.  I also learned that there is not really one country that it is pinpointed to, however there are variations over several European countries, primarily Poland.  I will spare you the rest of what I learned on Wikipedia during that search…but if you’re curious, ask my husband.  I recited it all to him. 😉


If you’re curious, I pan-fried mine with just a touch of oil, and then added just another touch of oil on top with some garlic powder.  Divine.  If you are not a fan of pan-frying, there are also instructions on the package for baking, boiling, deep-frying, and I think at least one other way…

Bottom line: buy these the next time you see them at Costco (they are available during roadshows).  Or see if they are available for purchase online.  You will not be sorry!


One thought on “Product Review: Peter and Pat’s Pierogies

  1. Im trying to see if they are online but all I see them associated with is Costco. Has anyone seen anything different?

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