Toasted Sesame and White Bean Hummus

Hummus is amazing.  RIGHT??  Roasted red pepper and roasted garlic hummus are tied for my favourites.  So amazing.  So, so amazing.  Anyway, for the NFL play-offs last weekend, not only did I bring the yummy buffalo turkey meatballs that I posted about yesterday, but I also brought this toasted sesame and white bean hummus from The Bite House blog.  This was my first time making something from The Bite House, which is run by a guy named Bryan Picard who resides in rural French Canada.  I have pinned several of his recipes – they all look so fresh and elegant!

This recipe, I must admit, was supposed to be easy.  What is easier than just processing a bunch of beans?  Uh…a  lot of things.  First of all, did you know that one pound of dried beans yields 6 cups of cooked beans?  I had no idea.  And neither did my husband (I had sent him to the store with my list, and he got two bags of beans, because a single bag didn’t look like much, which I agree with).  Now, this recipe called for two cups of beans.  And I made two pounds of dried beans, which yields approximately 16 cups of cooked beans.  THAT IS A LOT OF BEANS.

Because I had so many beans, I figured I’d up the recipe, because I was taking the dip to a party, so I figured that people might eat more than two cups.  So I tripled or quadrupled it.  I kind of stopped counting.  And I don’t think I had enough of the other ingredients to make up for it (in fact, I know I didn’t).  Also, I forgot until almost the VERY END that I needed to add oil.  REALLY, you ask…yes…really.  Welcome to my life.  I make things from recipes but often have a difficult time reading and following instructions, apparently!


Additionally, I have two food processors, both are very small (however I just discovered that the larger component of our Ninja is not actually a blender, rather, a large food processor, which would have been nice to know at the time I made this dish!), so I had to do it in like 6 batches.  And our food processor that attaches to our blender ended up breaking.  Like, it died.  And it still isn’t working.  Death by beans.

And don’t even get me started on the state of my kitchen.  I made this during a time that our dishwasher wasn’t working (which is not a necessity obviously, I lived for almost 3 years in an apartment that didn’t even have a dishwasher), beans everywhere, two small food processors going at the same time…and…yeah.

Result: YUMMY!  The white bean hummus got so much praise at the party we went to, it actually ended up being worth it!

Things to remember:
1. Use a large food processor.  If you don’t own one, borrow one.
2. Do not increase the recipe if you do not have a large food processor.  Just don’t do it.
3. Don’t forget to add the oil while processing!
4. Whole cumin seeds are pretty expensive. We ended up buying them, but if you don’t have $5.50 to spare on one little jar, I’m sure you can substitute ground cumin instead (which is already stocked in most pantries, and if not, it’s much cheaper).


Toasted Sesame and White Bean Hummus

serves a lot

-2cu dried white beans
-1/2cu olive oil
-1/2cu sesame seeds, toasted
-1/2tsp cumin seeds, toasted
-6tbsp lemon juice (about 2 lemons, if going fresh)
-2tsp hot sauce
-3-4 garlic cloves, chopped

-Soak the beans overnight.
-Drain the beans and simmer in water for 45 minutes to an hour.
-Strain and let cool for 10 minutes.
-In a food processor mix the cooked beans, olive oil, sesame seeds, cumin seeds, lemon juice, hot sauce and garlic cloves. Whiz until smooth and thick.
-Add more oil if too thick. Season with salt to taste.
-Serve with flatbreads or crackers.


2 thoughts on “Toasted Sesame and White Bean Hummus

  1. I love different variations on hummus! I have a roasted red pepper hummus recipe on my blog that is my favorite.

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