Meal Plan Monday

Welcome back to Meal Plan Monday.  I started this weekly post several weeks ago, for a few reasons.  First of all, it helps keep me accountable.  I typically meal plan on the weekend, for the upcoming week.  It helps me plan according to my budget, what’s already in my cupboards/freezer/fridge, and not have a ton of monotony.  For example, I try not to do the same type of meat or cuisine two days in a row.  It also helps to link to the recipe I’m planning to use, so I can easily find it when I go to update my blog.  Additionally, since I have been working later hours, it helps my husband easily find that evening’s recipe, in case he helps prep dinner (which he often does!).

One issue I ran into a few times last week was side dishes and found myself completely ill-prepared.  I spend so much time planning for main dishes, snacks, and breakfast/lunch items, that the side dishes often fall by the wayside, until I’m staring blankly in the fridge, annoyed that I don’t have a side dish.  Other times, I have extravagant side dish plans, which then stresses me out, as well.  I decided this weekend to have simple sides with a complex main course, or complex sides with a simple main course.  I also stocked up on frozen corn and peas, as they were on sale at Price Chopper.

Blue Cheese Stuffed Turkey Burgers with French fries and corn

Garlicky Chicken and Broccoli with rice (I might throw in some green beans or snow peas, too)

Tilapia Swai Burgers with Watermelon Salsa and corn

Lemon Pasta with Honey Balsamic Green Beans

Grilled Orange Sesame Chicken and Vegetables (I am going to change some of the vegetables a bit, though, as I don’t like zucchini). –> for those that recall, this was on last week’s Meal Plan Monday, but we didn’t get around to making it, as our weekly plans changed.

Light Peanut Sauce with Rice Noodles (and chicken, shredded carrot, and snow peas)

Buffalo Turkey Burgers with vegetables and French fries


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