Meal Plan Monday

It is kind of obvious that things are changing around here.  I officially registered my own domain name (which I’m pretty proud of, as dorky as that may be), and I think I have settled into my theme nicely, with the immense help of some friends!  As you can see to the right, you have the ability to subscribe to my blog via email, as well as follow me on facebook, pinterest, and twitter.  You can also search the site for any food item, cuisine, etc. that you may be in the mood for, as well as look at other blogs that I love.  I get my inspiration, recipes, and techniques from bloggers far more talented than I, so be sure to peruse their websites, as well.

In other news, I have now implemented Sunday Poll, which I will do every Sunday (but it will be a different topic).  Similarly, this is my second week of Meal Plan Monday, as I typically do my meal/menu planning on the weekend, and it will be nice to have it ready to showcase on Monday.  It’s mainly to keep myself accountable – so that I make sure that there is more to eat in my house than just my roommate’s friend’s Top Ramen (though, I must admit, ever since that graced our cupboard, I’ve been kind of craving it…).  Additionally, tomorrow will mark another round of Test It Tuesday, so make sure to stay tuned for that!

Meal Plan

Monday: Baked Cheddar Chicken Chimichangas

Tuesday: Chicken Piccata

Wednesday: Spiced Up Turkey Burgers

Thursday: Grilling out with friends (will peruse Pinterest for a side and a dessert)

Friday: Cowgirl Turkey Burgers

Saturday: Possibly grilling out with friends

Sunday: Grilled Orange Sesame Chicken and Vegetables


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