Thai Beef

Lately when people ask, “How’ve you been?” or “What have you been up to?”, I draw a blank.  What I need to do is have a stock answer for it, like stock answers to job interview questions.  The reason my mind goes blank is because my life, on weekdays at least, consists of: waking up, going to work, working, going home from work, cooking, watching CSI Miami.  So basically my response tends to be, “Just working and cooking.”  It sounds lame, though.  My life kind of revolves around cooking.  I just love to cook (obviously).  I was recently telling someone that it’s my therapy.  I might have a terrible or stressful day at work, but then I see yummy-looking recipes on pinterest, or think about what I’m cooking that week, and then coming home and actually going through the art of chopping and measuring, and I just feel at peace.  Wow, I really am lame… =P


In other news, I’m not allowed to make ethnic food anymore (specifically, Asian).  I have burned my husband out on ethnic dishes.  I have no idea how I could have done such a thing, because it negatively affects me, also!  He said that the fried rice I made last week doesn’t count, because he specifically has an aversion to Thai, at least, my Thai (which mostly has included recipes that use spices and shredded cabbage).  So what did I make for dinner on Friday?  Thai beef.  As my friend Alysha said, “Poor Kevin, he just can’t escape the Thai!”  In any case, this got two thumbs up from him (yay!).  It was SUPER easy and incredibly flavourful.  Something to note, I don’t normally liked cooked carrots.  To me, there is almost nothing worse than cooked, mushy, gross carrots.  But these were great.  In fact, so great that I gobbled up SO MANY OF THEM.  They were cooked, yes, but not to the point of mushy grossness (that’s the clinical term for it).  This was so simple and so good.  Additionally, it was not spicy!  I repeat, it was not spicy.  Also, we had the leftovers for lunch today, and almost tasted even better!  I paired it with long grain brown rice.  Yum!

WW point value of everything in my bowl: 11


Thai Beef

-2lbs beef roast
-1 can of lite coconut milk
-1 bottle of peanut sauce (I used Stonewall Kitchen roasted garlic peanut sauce, which I purchased from a specialty store when my husband and I were on vacation in my hometown last month)
-1 package of baby carrots (I only used about half a package)

-Put the meat in the slow cooker.
-Pour milk and sauce over the meat.
-Stir the sauce a bit, and flip the meat a few times, to ensure that it’s fully coated.
-Add baby carrots on top, then cover and cook on low for 8-10 hours (putting the carrots on top ensures that they’re not completely mushy and gross, since I’m not a fan of that!).


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