Barbecue Night & Grilled Peaches

I am doing my very, very best to catch up on this blog, even if it means 3+ posts in one day.  This is one meal that doesn’t really involve any hard and fast recipes.  On Saturday, we went to Sonic in Kingston, which I’ve already discussed, and it was amazing and worth every single Weight Watchers point that it used up.  Our friend Dayna brought over burgers for us to grill, and then we picked up some sides (asparagus and corn on the cob) at Trader Joe’s.

Funny story: At Trader Joe’s, individual cobs that you had to shuck yourself were $0.49/cob (aka $2 for 4 cobs).  Pre-packaged, pre-shucked, and smaller 4 packs were $5/pack.  Thankfully I know how to do math, and while I do cut corners by buying slightly more expensive, pre-done items in order to save time, this just didn’t make sense.  Shucking a cob (which we did right there), took just a few minutes, and saved $3.

burger right

I decided to be healthy and use a whole wheat pita instead of a hamburger bun, in order to save points (most buns are 4+ points and this pita was 3 points).  It actually looks like a lot more food than it actually is, since it’s split in two, but this is just one hamburger patty and one pita pocket, both cut in half.  The patty is topped with grated sharp cheddar cheese, and the pocket halves are stuffed with romaine lettuce, white onion, and pickles.  The asparagus was tossed with a little bit of olive oil and a spice or two, then grilled.  The corn on the cob was sprayed with cooking spray (0 points), wrapped in foil, and grilled for 20mins (turning often).  The beef patties were seasoned with a few spices, but I’m not exactly sure what, since our friend brought them over.  My entire meal was 7 points (veggies and 1tbsp of ketchup = 0 points)!

the whole feast

It was a great evening!  It was followed by Warm Bodies, which we picked up from Red Box.  It was so good.  It is definitely more of a “date movie” but it’s sweet (and surprisingly insightful) regardless.

My husband (“The Grill Master”) decided he wanted to grill peaches.  I’m not entirely sure where this came from, since he later mentioned he’s never done it before, but that it just came to him (in a dream, perhaps?).  It was actually quite a successful dessert!  A bit too much on the sweet side, for me, but I still had a few bites. I was worried that they would turn out soft and mushy (like canned fruit), but they didn’t at all. They were a little soft and warm (obviously) on the outside, but still on the crunchy-side inside. =)


Kevin’s Grilled Peaches

-3 peaches (pitted and halved –> increase number of peaches depending on how many people will be eating)
-1tbsp brown sugar
-1tbsp melted butter
-pinch of salt
-a couple dashes of cinammon

-Coat peach halves with sugar, salt, cinammon, and butter.
-Grill on medium-low for a few minutes per side.
-Serve hot or cold.


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