Puerto Rican Burgers & Grilled Vegetables & Grilled Caesar Salad

My husband, roommates, and I decided to have an impromptu grill night (which also included a Dunkin Donuts run for iced coffee and a movie, Law Abiding Citizen).  My husband decided to make his “Puerto Rican” burgers, which he’s made for me a few times before.  They’re really good (and juicy…).  I use the quotation marks, because he is 1/4 Puerto Rican and when he last traveled there, as a teenager, his cousins made these burgers and he loosely remembers the ingredients.  Then we decided to grill a TON of veggies (asparagus, eggplant, and zuchini).

grilled veg

And then I decided that I could not have an evening without a recipe from my recipe binder (obsessed?…nah, not me), I decided to try How Sweet It Is’s grilled caesar salad.  Yes, grilled salad.

grilled caes

It was really good, and definitely different, but the original blogger says to grill for 2-3mins, but we grilled it for over 5mins and it barely had a grilled taste, though perhaps because I put it on toward the end and the grill wasn’t as hot.

PR burg and grilled caes

Puerto Rican Burgers (my husband’s family recipe)

-2lbs lean ground beef (I used 93% lean – one patty = 3 WW pts)
-4tsp apple cider vinegar (should probably use more for 2lbs of meat)
-a few shakes of Adobo seasoning
-1/4cu bread crumbs (you can probably use more, but that’s all we had left over from a few nights ago)
-whole wheat buns
-desired garnishes (we grilled red onions, and had cheese and lettuce as well)

-Mix all ingredients in a bowl (except buns, obviously), cover and marinate for however long you want (we did it for a couple of hours)
-Form patties (we made 7 patties) and grill to desired done-ness

Grilled Caesar Salad

-one full romaine heart per person (however, this made a BIG salad, so it could certainly be for more than one person)
-sprinkle of salt and pepper
-2tbsp olive oil
-1/4cu caesar dressing (I used way less than this – and because the lettuce is so flavourful and moist from the oil, salt, and pepper, you hardly need any dressing at all)
-2tbsp parmesan cheese (I was out of parmesan – gasp – so I used shredded monterey jack)

-Preheat grill
-Brush each romaine heart with olive oil and sprinkle with salt and pepper.
-Grill for 2-3mins (this depends on how hot your grill is, could be longer).
-Take off grill, chop hearts, and mix in a salad bowl with dressing, croutons, and cheese.

Grilled Vegetables (our own concoction)

-asparagus, ends cut off
-eggplant, sliced
-zuchini, sliced
-a few shakes of Italian seasoning
-a few squirts of olive oil

-Place veggies (separately) into a long, rectangular bowl/tub/whatever you have.
-Squirt some olive oil over them and shake up.
-Sprinkle some seasoning on them and shake up (or in the case of the eggplant and zuchini, just turn over)
-Grill for 15-20mins (turning halfway through)


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