Flavoured Turkey Burger

We got a grill on Saturday.  It was a very “on a whim” idea.  Basically, we got home from helping my husband’s mother move (and eating Sonic) and were puttering around the apartment (I was laying on the couch preparing to go to the gym – don’t judge) and he just decided to get one.  I gave him a price point we couldn’t go over (yes, yes, he’s the “man of the house” but I know our budget and bank numbers forward and backward) and he jumped on google.  He found a great deal on a charcoal grill at Home Depot, and was even able to get some grilling tools, since he was under the established price point.  This all occurred while sweat was dripping down my face doing 30mins on the elliptical (I’m sure you didn’t need to picture that).

turkey burgs

Speaking of the gym, there was this girl there, and you know what kind of girl I’m talking about.  I was doing a strength-training circuit of lifting (3 sets of 20 reps on each weight machine, oh yeah) and again, sweat dripping down my face and arms (I had just gotten off the elliptical and it was hot, ok??).  The girl in question was in front of me on one of the step-things, wearing skin-tight shorts that were more like underwear and a sports bra.  On top of that, she was very thin, beach-blonde hair, fake tanned skin, and bending over to stretch her legs.  Yeah.  That’s like the female version of a guy that drives a huge truck.  You aren’t fooling anyone.


Ok, so back to grilling.  Since he decided to buy a grill, I decided to make The Best Turkey Burger (I’m not being boastful, that’s the original blogger’s name for it!).  I love it because it’s super healthy (especially when piling on fresh spring greens and onion) and served with a side of corn.  I feel the need to add a disclaimer that we didn’t not use ALL of that onion (I think we’d have onion-breath for the rest of our lives).  We saved the leftovers in a plastic baggie.  Did I mention I’m back on the Weight Watchers bandwagon?  Pretty sure last week I used up ALL of my weekly allowance points and ALL of my weekly activity points.  My goal for this week is to, well, not do that. 😉

turkey burg

The Best Turkey Burger

-1ish lbs lean ground turkey
-1tbsp olive oil
-1/4cu seasoned whole wheat bread crumbs
-2 cloves garlic, minced
-1.5tbsp worchestshire sauce
-1tsp tabasco sauce (I used Frank’s Red Hot since we didn’t have tabasco)
-1/2tbsp onion powder
-1tsp smoked paprika (yes, it’s different from regular paprika, and yes, I recently discovered it, due to other food blog recipes)
-1tbsp dried parsley (I realized we ran out of parsley, so I omitted it)
-salt and pepper, to taste

-Preheat grill or skillet
-Add all ingredients in a large bowl and mixe well (use your hands!) until combined.
-Form into 4 patties and cook until heated through.
-THAT’S IT! So easy. And grilled. Love it.


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