Asian Turkey Burgers w/ spicy lime mayo

I have been obsessed with a new food blog lately. It’s not new to the blogosphere, but it’s new to me.  Last week I may or may not have looked at every single post on How Sweet It Is and printed all of the ones that I want to try.  You know the recipe binder that I’ve been working on?  I’m pretty sure everything I printed last week is single-handedly the reason why I need to adopt a second binder.  That being said, I was working on this week’s meal plan today and decided that I am going to make as many of her recipes as possible.  Given the amount of recipes I printed, this decision may last the rest of my life…

Earlier today I was asking my husband if he cares what we have for dinner, or if he’s ever wishing we had something other than what I made.  He gave the “right” answer (heh), saying that he loves my cooking so much, and that I know more or less what he likes, so that he completely trusts my judgment.  That being said, he does know that if he has a certain craving, obviously I’d try to comply.  Additionally, I often ask him what type of meat he wants on a certain day.  I am so great, I know. 😉

Tonight I made Asian Turkey Burgers with spicy lime mayo.  I love turkey because it’s much healthier than it’s beef counterpart, and with Asian-inspired ingredients, it can be very flavourful and moist.  I have also made Thai Turkey Burgers before, from a dear friend’s recipe, and these are very similar and might be tied in my book.  For this recipe, I made some adjustments, but I am going to post the recipe as it is on How Sweet’s blog, with my additions in parenthesis.  By the way, did I mention how YUMMY these are??

2013-03-17 20.50.48
Please forgive the weird lighting and glossiness of this picture…

-1lb ground turkey
-2 garlic cloves, minced
-1/2tsp fresh grated ginger (I didn’t measure it, I guesstimated)
-3 green onions, thinly chopped (I used 5)
-1/2tbsp low-sodium soy sauce (I used 1tbsp)
-1/2tbsp rice wine vinegar (I used 1tbsp)
-1tbsp sesame oil
-1/2tbsp toasted sesame seeds (I didn’t toast mine)
-4 whole wheat buns
-garnish (we just used romaine lettuce, which I realized you can’t see in the pic, but there was quite a bit)

-Combine all ingredients (except buns) and mix together with your hands. Form into 4 patties. Heat a skillet on medium-high and cook patties about 4-5mins per side.
-While cooking the patties, make sure to toast your buns (hehe) in the oven!

2013-03-17 20.49.01

-1/4cu mayo
-1tsp sriracha sauce
-zest of half a lime
-juice of half a lime

-Mix together until smooth and combined…this was where I had some issues. Mine turned out incredibly watery, so I added more mayo to balance it out, then added more sriracha sauce as well. Regardless, it was SO GOOD!


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