Hot dogs & smiles

I realize I haven’t posted recently…which is because I haven’t really cooked recently…Last week my husband worked Thursday, Friday, and Saturday evenings (in addition to his regular full-time day job), and he told me he would miss my cooking, so I promised him I wouldn’t make anything yummy in his absence.  However, I had originally been planning to make this sesame chicken on Thursday (which my friend Alysha told me about) and this pork chop recipe on Friday, before I realized that he would be working (those will just get pushed to this week, so expect pix soon).

In any case, all of this babbling aside, yesterday I was fully planning to cook a “real meal” again…until I walked out of church.  Seriously, I opened the front door, stepped onto the sidewalk, smelled hot dogs, and BAM: craving (no, I’m not pregnant).  Instantly, I knew what we were going to have for dinner.


The “smiles” are advertised as “crispy outside, mashed potatoes inside.”  I’ve only seen them here in NY, they do not exist on the West Coast.  As an aside, I also bought frozen corn for a veggie, but of course forgot to make it, therefore this was even more unhealthy of a meal than it should have been (veggies take away the gross-ness of everything else, right?!).  The downside (or upside, however you look at it), is that we are going to repeat this dinner tonight, this time with corn, in order to use up the hotdogs and smiles.

In conclusion, yes, I had a hot dog for dinner last night.  And yes, I blogged about it. 😉


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