Crunchy Black Bean Tacos

My friend Alysha turned me on to this recipe.  I was so excited to make them all week, however things kept popping up and then I got horribly ill.  I briefly felt better today, so I decided to make them.  It was nice to use up my leftover corn tortillas (which I originally bought for the fish tacos).  I used dried black beans, which technically expired about a year ago (fun fact: they travelled across the country with me when I moved from WA to NY in May 2010, and I know this because they are from Fred Meyer, which is a store in WA), but my roommate assured me that beans don’t go bad.  They were yummy.  I loved the crunch-factor.  I had to make a couple of adjustments…I omitted red onion as I didn’t have any, and I used mozzarella cheese instead of pepper jack cheese, because it’s what I had.  Also, two things to note: 1, it gets very messy in the pan, even when you flip them carefully, and 2, make sure you have enough garnish…I only had a little bit of sour cream left and no salsa!  They would have been much better with those additions.  But I’ll be making them again (properly), so when I do, I’ll blog about it again. =)

black bean tacos

-2cu cooked black beans
-1/2cu minced red onion
-1tsp cumin
-1tsp paprika
-2tbsp chopped cilantro
-4-6oz grated pepper jack cheese
-2tbsp olive oil
-salt and pepper, to taste
-6in corn tortillas
-sour cream, salsa, avocado, etc., for garnish

-Mix beans with red onion, cilantro, spices, and a pinch of salt, then mash slightly
-Heat oil in a skillet over medium-high
-Add one tortilla at a time, let it get hot for a few seconds in the oil
-Add a few spoonfuls of bean mixture to one half of the tortilla then top with cheese
-Carefully fold tortilla in half and press down to stay
-Add more tortillas (at least 3 should fit in the pan, depending on your pan size)
-Cook for a few minutes on each side, to ensure they’re crispy
-Serve with garnishes!


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