Pulled Pork Sandwiches

When I read a few months ago in Martha Stewart’s cooking magazine [which I adore, if you don’t subscribe to it, you need to] a recipe for pulled pork sandwiches, I knew I wanted to make them.  I have never even so much as eaten a pulled pork sandwich in my life, let alone cook one, so why I suddenly desired to do so, I have no idea.  In any case, when I made plans to have my friend Grace over for dinner while she was home for Christmas, I decided that she would be my test-taster for this dish.  She was born in the south and also lived in the south for 2 years during college, so I figured she would be a good taste-tester.  However, when I went online to look at Martha Stewart’s recipes, I was saddened to find that it got less-than-stellar reviews.  So I turned to my fellow cooking friends and stumbled across this recipe [which I adapted to my own liking and a few other recipes I found].  It was absolutely perfect, and so very easy!

Slow Cooker Pulled Pork
-1 pork something [you can use tenderloin, shoulder, roast, etc. I used a boneless shoulder because it was on sale for $5 at the grocery store, making it $4-6 cheaper than the other pork somethings!]
-12oz. can of root beer [I used Mug which I stole from my mother’s garage]
-1 bottle of barbecue sauce [I used a tangy one for more zest]
-Package of buns [personally, I think hamburger buns feel really cheap and more sloppy joe-esque, so I went with fancy ones]

-Put pork something in the slow cooker and pour the can of root beer over the top. Cover and cook on low for 7+ hours.  Drain.  Shred pork between forks and pour in barbecue sauce.  Slow cook on low for another hour.

Now when I did this, I slow cooked it for 9-10hrs, because that’s how long I’m gone during the day [commute + work], and when I got home, I opened the door to the 3rd floor hallway and was immediately bombarded by the smell of cooking pork [sorry neighbours!].  When I went to shred it, it shredded soooo easily, I was actually a little surprised, as I’ve only made soups/stews/chilis in my crockpot before.  By the time Grace arrived, I’d toasted the buns in the oven and whipped up a batch of peas for a side dish.  The best part: it made about 5 days worth of leftovers!


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