Homemade Pepperoni Pizza

Homemade Pepperoni Pizza:
[from Pizza by Silvana Franco, photography by William Lingwood]
Fiery Tomato Sauce [the book also features Classic Tomato Sauce, but I am into the spicy food!]:
-3.5cu canned tomato sauce or puree
-2tbsp olive oil
-3 garlic cloves, finely chopped
-handful of basil leaves, torn [this time I remembered to clip some from my mama’s garden!]
-1/4tsp hot pepper flakes [I actually didn’t have any, so I just used ground red pepper, and it did the trick]
-1/2tsp sugar
-salt and freshly ground black pepper
[makes about 2cu, enough for 2 large pizzas]

-Put the tomato sauce, oil, garlic, basil, pepper flakes, and sugar into a saucepan and add salt and black pepper to taste.
-Bring to a boil and partially cover with a lid. Reduce the heat and simmer very gently, stirring from time to time, for 30-60min., until the sauce is a dark red and reduced by half [I actually didn’t notice this…but whatever].
-Taste and adjust the seasoning, cover with the lid, and let cool slightly before using.

Chicago Deep Dish Pepperoni Pizza
-Pizza dough [the book also includes a recipe for pizza dough, but I just went to Trader Joe’s and bought a package of wet dough to roll out, for less than $1.50!]
-2tbsp olive oil
-1cu tomato sauce
-1 large tomato, sliced [I omitted this part, but if you are a tomato-lover, feel free to include it]
-1 small red onion, sliced and separated into rings [onions still make me cry, but I got a tip from 2 friends that if you freeze the onion before cutting it, it will eliminate tears…then I found out from my mom that if you end up leftover onion, you can cut it up and freeze it, to re-use later!]

-6oz mozzarella cheese, drained and sliced
-4oz sliced pepperoni [I went to the deli section of the grocery store and had them cut it fresh instead of getting it pre-packaged]
-salt and freshly ground black pepper

-Preheat oven to 400 degrees.
-Roll out the dough on a lightly floured surface to 12in. diameter and push into a pizza pan. Brush w/ 1tbsp of the oil and spoon the tomato sauce over the top.
-Arrange the tomato slices over the sauce [remember, I omitted this part, but that doesn’t mean you have to], sprinkle the onion rings on top, add salt and plenty of black pepper, then splash with the remaining oil. Put into the preheated over and cook for 20min.
-Remove from the oven and sprinkle mozzarella and pepperoni over the top. Return the pizza to the oven and cook for 10-15min. longer, until risen and golden. Cut into wedges and serve.

Because I am crazy, one of my favourite things to do post-cooking is the dishes:


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